Website Marketing Strategies: 3 Keys To Creating The Right Website Marketing Strategy For Your Business

by SaRita Custis

All successful website marketing strategies begin with the end in mind. If you think about it, you'll realize that it makes perfect sense. If you have no idea where you're going, not only will you not know how to get there, you’ll also have no idea when you get there.

So it’s vital to have a very clear picture of what your prospective client wants so that you can anticipate their needs and structure your marketing strategy to put the right message in front of them at the right place and the right time. This applies to all of your marketing, not just online.

But how do you know what to put in your website marketing strategy? How do you set yourself up to increase leads, increase conversions, and increase profits?

Key #1: Start by knowing who your client really is.

Many business owners miss this essential key. It is the foundation of all of your marketing efforts. Having a general knowledge of your market is fine, but you must understand your prospective client at the deepest level so that your marketing messages relate directly to their needs. Get inside their psyche and appeal to their most pressing emotional needs.

Spend some time doing research so that you can clearly see what character traits are common in your market. Specific values and behaviors will tell you how your products and services fit into their lives.

When a person is searching for information on the internet, they're usually having a subconscious internal conversation – it's up to you to join that conversation and answer their questions. When you have a clear understanding of who they are, you'll be able to develop a website marketing strategy that speaks directly to them where they are at that moment.

Key #2: Tune in to WIIFM.

Your prospects are bombarded with hundreds, even thousands, of marketing messages every single day. They have learned to filter out things that don't immediately grab their attention and show incredible value.

How do they filter? They tune in to WIIFM: What's In It For Me?

And you should, too.

Generic messages about your product and its features will never make it through the filters. Your prospective client is looking for what advantages you can offer them. Your marketing message needs to clearly and concisely illustrate the benefits your prospect will receive when they become a customer. Not only that, but you must find a way to appeal to your prospective client in a way that differentiates you from everyone else.

Do you know what most of your potential clients are seeking when they look at the benefits you offer? The vast majority of consumers want to save time and money while meeting a need they have right now. Appeal to your website visitor's emotions, and offer them incredible value and outstanding service.

Key #3: Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Earning a customer is a great thing; developing a website marketing strategy that earns you a repeat customer is the key to lasting business success.

Always ensure that the products and services you offer are the highest quality possible. Then follow up with your clients to make sure they are happy. Send out periodic surveys to learn what else your clients want, and then create an offer for those products and services.

Above all else, build the relationship. Start a birthday club and send them a greeting on their birthday. Start a VIP clients program and offer special discounts and exclusive products only to those customers. And make each purchase an amazing buying experience for the client.

Taking the time to structure a website marketing strategy that focuses on these 3 keys will quickly result in more leads, higher conversions and increased profits. And the more satisfied customers you have, the more you will earn as word spreads virally about you and your company.

Using proven, successful website marketing strategies will help you know where you're going and keep you on track for improved leads and sales. Get even more highly-effective marketing strategies in my free report, How to DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS in 90 Days or Less. Just click here, enter your name and email address in the form, and it will be sent to your email inbox immediately.

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