Relationship Marketing

Build Stronger and Longer-Lasting Relationships with Your Customers and Prospects

Relationship marketing today requires more than directing traffic to a landing page, collecting contact information and subscribing people to an email list. Every day it's becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy you can barely see your own posts.

With advances in technology, businesses can now connect with people using a variety of channels, thereby lowering customer acquisition costs, increasing engagement and improving retention rates.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is just what it sounds like – using email to share your marketing message with your target audience.

Email marketing is highly effective, but it involves more than simply whipping out an email and sending it to every person you’ve ever come into contact with. Just like with any marketing campaign, you need to put a lot of thought and effort into it to make sure that the campaign works, and that it brings in the profits you need it to.

Our services include everything you need to connect with your prospects and customers via email marketing. We’ll deploy results-oriented email campaigns that elevate your message, engage your customers, and increase your profits.

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SMS/Text Message Marketing

The competition for your prospects’ attention is stronger than it’s ever been. Television, radio, billboards, print ads, email … there’s a never-ending contest to pull customers in the door.

But one marketing method can out-pace all the others. Why? Because SMS text messages get read!

Mobile users are almost obsessive-compulsive about their devices. We all know someone who always has his phone up to his ear (usually in the middle of in-person conversations – with us). Or the teenagers whose heads are always down, thumbs in motion, as they text at the speed of light.

SMS text messaging taps directly into the immediacy of today’s mobile users, and can deliver high-impact messages inexpensively in 160 characters or less.

SMS text messaging has been found to be a very effective marketing tool. This may be partially because messages are so short they can be read at a glance. (“Instant gratification” is another trend that has reached epic proportions lately!)

SMS text message marketing is also permission based and the messages therefore are welcomed by the receiver. You do need to make sure that people – just as with email – give consent to receive your text messages. The CAN-Spam Act Applies to text messaging as well as emails.

Fortunately, with the type of unlimited or very inexpensive text data packages commonly available for mobile phones today it won’t cost most consumers additional fees to receive messages. But you still must let them know that data costs could apply if they chose to receive your communications.

According to authority site, Mashable, SMS messaging is “one of the most popular communication methods in the world”. It’s the preferred communication method of choice for an exponentially-growing number of people.

And SMS is available to all mobile users without the need to download extra Apps.

It doesn’t matter what you do – SMS text message marketing can help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today for a free strategy session.

Social Messaging

Consumers today expect businesses to interact with them on social media. Since it's so easy for posts to get lost in the "busy-ness" of social news feeds, many social media companies provide business owners with a private channel of communication with each user.

These are instant and interactive, and no message is ever lost.

These channels can be used to grow your audience, nurture leads, answer questions and provide support.

Don’t miss any customer inquiries sent to your company on social media.

With our services, your company can easily interact with your social media followers and engage them on a consistent basis.

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Greeting Card Marketing

All small businesses are resource constrained - time, money, manpower, we’re all hustling to do more with less. It’s critical to take advantage of the marketing systems and technology that are out there if you want to get the maximum growth possible out of your business.

Building relationships is the highest value activity you can do.

Yes, you need to find prospects. Yes, you need to close deals. Yes, you need to fulfill on services.

But think about this for a second.

You need to find prospects – when you have a solid relationship with your customers, you can get more referrals than you can possibly handle.

You need to close deals – when you have a solid relationship with your prospects, you ARE the expert, YOU are the person they call when they need what you offer.

You need to fulfill – when you have a solid relationship with your team, you can demand top quality, and they will gladly deliver.

So it’s all about relationships.

Sending heartfelt greeting cards on a consistent basis has the power to strengthen all of your relationships and opens up opportunities for growth you might not otherwise experience.

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Website Chat

Do you know what the majority of your visitors will do when they see something on your blog that they are unsure about? The answer may surprise you.

In most cases, the visitor will just leave your site.

You probably have a contact form or helpdesk, so people can easily ask you a question. But tests have shown that most people couldn't be bothered to fill out a form, fill in the captcha box and then wait around for an email reply. It's all just too much hassle.

So instead, most visitors will just move on - and forget all about your offer.

That's why so many of the big companies now offer live chat on their websites, to give visitors an easier way to ask questions. But of course these companies have dedicated support staff, who can be available to answer questions at any time of the day or night. For most businesses, it's just not practical to provide that sort of 24/7 support.

That's where we come in.

We can support your website visitors with live and automated chat so their questions are answered immediately and your sales process continues to flow.

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Most of your website visitors leave your site before making a purchase. Retargeting (also known as Remarketing) allows you to serve tailored ads to them as they surf the web, giving them another chance to buy a product or service they have shown some interest in.

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Live Broadcasting

Live broadcasts have become one of the most popular ways to promote a business in the past few years.

They are so effective because they provide an immersiveness that other forums of media do not and attendees get real-time information delivered straight to them, not to mention the interactivity of question-and-answer sessions.

But where do you even begin?

It's overwhelming, I know!

You could use the old "trial and error" method and fail.

You could waste hours of your time sifting through websites and videos and end up even worse than when you began.

The good news is you don't have to do any of that. Our team can design, create and run live broadcasts for you on sites like Facebook and YouTube so you get the benefit of engaging with your audience (not to mention the incredible SEO value) without having to do the work yourself.

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