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When you're looking for new ways to promote and increase your business, getting promoted by major media outlets might be just the thing you've been waiting for. You don't have to stalk reporters and send pitch after pitch to news directors to gain that exposure; you simply have to understand and employ press release marketing.

A press release, often referred to as news release, media release, press statement, social media release or video release, is a written or recorded statement that announces something noteworthy to media professionals.

So what the heck is press release marketing and how is it going to help increase profits?

Press Release NewsboyPress release marketing, as its name suggests, is promoting your business, products and services through press releases.

If you're scratching your head and wondering how a press release is going to help your advertising efforts, let us give you a slightly different perspective.

You probably know press releases were once only used by major corporations when they needed to work with the media. But that media today has changed, and press releases have too.

Just about anybody can use press releases now. You don't need to have an “in” at the local TV station or be a huge celebrity or national brand in order to send a press release. Any individual, any business owner, any member of the general public can make and send off a press release about whatever they like.

Now think about this: every time you launch a new product or introduce a new service, isn't that a news-worthy item to your ideal customer?

The distribution of press releases has changed as well. Instead of only going to television or radio stations, now they can be found anywhere, from news sites to article directories and everywhere in between. The Internet is actually the primary medium for press releases now, making it that much easier for you to make and distribute your news items.

There are many benefits to distributing your press releases to reputable media outlets, and three of the most important are:

  • Exposure to a wider audience who might not be familiar with what you have to offer
  • Authority status as the go-to resource in your specific niche
  • SEO benefits when your press release is properly linked to your website

Our press release marketing strategy is the easiest way to reach your prospects and customers by placing your message in front of them when they are looking for it.


Our Press Release Marketing Services

Newsworthy Event Planning

We'll discuss your business and whether you have anything newsworthy going on already. If necessary, we'll consult my foolproof file of “news events” that work for almost any business.

Press Release Writing

Our professional news writer will craft a beautiful news story that puts your best foot forward and encourages readers to connect with your business. You will be able to review and approve the story before it gets published.

Press Release Distribution

We will submit your press release to major new outlets that give you the widest and most relevant exposure possible.

Press Release Promotion

We will share your press release through all of your distribution channels including email, social media, video channels, and mailing lists.

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