Welcome to Breakthrough Performance Marketing


We are a small team so we can respond quickly and adjust readily to changing market conditions to make sure our clients' needs are met. We will help you build your brand and solidify your presence in the marketplace, implement high performance automated marketing systems, and consistently improve results.


We are governed by 3 core principles:



Principle #1: Bring value or die


Today's savvy customer has brought a fundamental change to the marketing landscape. Attention is shifting fast and you have to shift with it if you want any chance of sharing your message. If you don't provide value in every communication, you have no chance of making a sale because you'll simply get lost in the noise.



Principle #2: It's all about execution


We firmly believe in the adage “trust but verify.” You may have great ideas coming at you from all sides – your business consultant, your marketing director, your favorite grandchild – but until they're implemented and provide real-world (preferably measurable) results, ideas are worthless.


Make a plan > put it into action > analyze results > repeat.



Principle #3: Marketing is everything


Every representation of your company…every contact you have with prospects or customers…every perception a prospect or customer gathers…is, in effect, marketing. You're always marketing whether you realize it or not.


And every facet of marketing either helps your business prosper or it hinders growth and profitability.



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We provide campaign development, search engine marketing and optimization (SEM / SEO), website design, video marketing, online advertising, email marketing, social media management and more to companies looking for innovative solutions.


Let us help you communicate your message the right way to separate you from the competition.